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Cost of Offsite Storage of Medical Charts in Reston

The members of Medical Records Storage Companies of America in Reston assist with the organizing of patient files and sorting through boxes of records. Chances are that you and your staff have more vital tasks at hand.

Anchored in confidentiality and security we can save valuable space. Just as vital our off-site location offers the peace of mind of having 24-hour security

Patient Records Storing Companies in Reston

Visitors to our medical records offsite storage association websites are asked "What Can We Do For You". Here are a number of their responses. Do you have similar needs? If so, please call a couple of the members to find the solutions you require including how much does it Cost to store charts.

  • We are looking to store files from about 2008 and prior ( Bank binders, AP files, monthly closing binders etc).I'm not sure how many boxes we would need, maybe about 10-20? We would only need to access them 1-2X per year at most. Please let me know if you could give some sort of estimate/explanation how it would work
  • Looking for options for a closing Dr. office to store files long term that some of those files may need to be retrieved to send to other physicians offices
  • I am a physician and I am relocating. I need information on medical records storage for patient charts from my closing practice, cost, etc.
  • I am looking for a place to store files. Could you please send your intro brochures to:
  • interested in getting more information on records management services, specifically what services you offer to help a non-profit comply with record retention internal policies and laws
  • Need quote on closed container media/tape storage. Please price tape rotation weekly(one tape in-out) and monthly (4 tapes in-out) Thank you