Typical Requests For Services

We are l;ooking to store our medical records and have access to them when we need them.
We have outgrown our offsite storage unit and have boxes of charts from 2002 to 2008. We have no room left in our office either. Looking for pricing on offsite medical chart storage
We are looking at switching partners for our offsite medical record storage and retreival and would be interested in learning more about what services you offer, the costs, and the opportunity for us to explain what our goals are with this project.
was wondering if you can give me a quote for storage of 15-20 medical records boxes. Is there easy access should there be a need to find particupar records? Is it climate controlled and fire safe?
We are a small outpatient psychotherapy practice. We have about 50 banker boxes worth of patient files that we store in our basement. If our business were to shut down, do you provide long-term storage of records and retrieval of information in respo