Typical Requests For Services

currently seeking an offsite records company to store our medical records. I am asking for prices and services that are offered. If you could send me any information in regards to your company it will be appreciated. Thank You!
looking at starting to store our records at an off site storage facility. I was wondering what your company's pricin would entail. If I am unsure of how much we would be storing at this moment. Right now, I am just trying to get a price list together
Need to store patients medical records off site for at least 20 years. Not sure how many boxes just yet. In the process of putting records into a digital system and won't need paper records on site anymore. Need prices. Will your company pick up and
626-300-7995 Director of Health Information Management
We have 6 years of charts that need to be boxed and stored and would like a quote on what the cost would be with your company.